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Watch "Losing Ground" - Urban Sprawl Documentary Online

Farmers and ranchers across the country are dealing with increasing urbanization of rural America. With that urbanization brings challenges and opportunities. Hear from five Angus farm and ranch families, including: Lovin family, Lexington, Georgia; Marsh family, Huntley, Illinois, Stabler family, Brookeville, Maryland; and the Cropp family, Damascus, Maryland, about how urban sprawl has impacted them and American Farmland Trust CEO John Piotti about the issue as a whole.

 What: The American Angus Association® is proud to present the first film to expose the impact of urban sprawl on American Agriculture – "Losing Ground"—an I Am Angus production.  

When: The national television premiere is May 27, 2019, at 7 p.m.
Where: on RFD-TV and on the “Angus TV” Youtube channel. Subscribe to "Angus TV" to see the film: www.Angus.org/AngusTV.

Who: Anyone who has an interest in growing food in the U.S.

Why: Education is the key to bridging the gap between farmers and ranchers and those who live in urban areas. The film strives to find a common ground to a rising issue for rural America.

 For more information, please contact the American Angus Association communications team at 816.383.5100.

Christa Odell